THE Moon

The moon’s true beauty isn’t defined simply by how it appears in the night sky but by how it captivatingly illuminates a world drenched in darkness.

Many are fascinated by the brightest object (most of the time anyway) plastered on their night skies and I’m one of them. Maybe you are too? Well anyway, if I were to simply describe how the moon looks, I would say that it is a large clump of rock orbiting the Earth. Pretty dull, right? So I asked myself:

“Why is it that despite its dullness, the moon is able to captivate souls such as mine?”

The moon is gorgeous as it serves its purpose very well. From controlling tides, it serves as the sun’s loyal helper, working while most are in deep slumber. It shines brightly, comforting and giving hope to those who are afraid of the dark.

“Hang in there little one.”


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