Spirit of Inquiry

Scientists never stop asking. They’re little kids who never grew up. – Sylvia Earle

Humans are naturally given the curiosity to wonder about the life they are given and the world they are born into. Yet, for most, that interest disappears as they reach a certain stage. From kids who would never stop asking, they turn into adults who are easily dragged into the world’s quest for fame, power and material possessions. They spend their lives chasing temporary happiness, only to end up dying with piles of regrets.

“So, what do you think of people?”

Terrorized by the nightmares that kept her awake during most nights, a little girl would sit under the stars and, looking up, ask the heavens staring back at her. What would it be like if I was a star? Would I be able to watch over billions of people and witness their stories? 

As years went by, the young miss was finally able to sleep. Her night terrors had left and her dreams became pleasant — a bit too much perhaps. Reality had become painful, only made bearable when she would close her eyes and escape into her imagination. Until this, too, was taken away from her.

Without an alternative, she went back to her spot underneath the heavens and met their light with her eyes. The young miss kept gazing, wondering the same as she did years ago. Suddenly, the overwhelming distance between her and the sky had made her feel like she was falling into the dark void, away from the world she felt stuck in. Her mind seemed to travel through the vast and infinite space. After a short while, she decided to look back and somehow, felt better.

Oh, it’s just a small blue planet.

Living without a single tint of awe for life itself is taking the universe for granted. There’s nothing normal about existing within a conveniently habitable sphere revolving around a ball of fire or the astonishingly complex yet incredible design of the human body. Wondering about the whys and hows of everything shouldn’t just be for ‘nerds’ but for everyone out there.

Ultimately, weren’t we all born into this world?



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