Every day after dismissal, I buy any food satisfyingly new. And as fast as a missile, I eat them up, not leaving even a few.   As jeepneys turn to cinemas So does my edibles turn into popcorn I watch into play different karmas And the incredibly simple life they adorn   Though the road … Continue reading ‘Para’-monium


Midnight Walk

Scrolling through the streets, deep into the dark night Waiting for the clouds to slowly drift away Listening to the sound, as my feet drop and pound Crossing through the empty roads and loving the slight chill   Feeling more than better going out on my own Away from the voices telling me 'it's your … Continue reading Midnight Walk


No matter how much the world may disclaim the existence of a higher being, I will always believe in the Lord for I am a witness to the many miracles that made me who I am today. This isn't religion. This is relationship.