Every day after dismissal, I buy any food satisfyingly new. And as fast as a missile, I eat them up, not leaving even a few.   As jeepneys turn to cinemas So does my edibles turn into popcorn I watch into play different karmas And the incredibly simple life they adorn   Though the road … Continue reading ‘Para’-monium


GRAY: An ACET Experience

11:50 AM -- only ten more minutes left. Hopefully, I'm not doomed yet. Running through the narrow sidewalk beside the highway, I stealthily evaded people and vehicles alike, to which I felt like I'm inside my own action movie. Still, I kept running as the traffic barely moved an inch. As expected, things weren't going … Continue reading GRAY: An ACET Experience


No matter how much the world may disclaim the existence of a higher being, I will always believe in the Lord for I am a witness to the many miracles that made me who I am today. This isn't religion. This is relationship.


There will come a time when we will breathe our last. It's still a mystery to me as to why, at the mention of death, those around me would shake their heads disapprovingly. We're humans, are we not? Our lifespan isn't infinite. Many have already died and while such memories aren't pleasant to the mind, … Continue reading End